Preemie the Explorer

The Little Rocket Who Took Off Too Soon

The Story

“Preemie the Explorer” is a brand new rocket who has just had his shiny engines attached at “Mama Spacecraft” building yard. Preemie can’t wait to fly into space, but he has to wait for an outer shell and turbo thrusters to be connected.

One dark night, a storm breaks over “Mama Spacecraft” and fierce lightning smashes Preemie’s launching tower to the ground. Preemie is forced to take off, and soon finds himself on an unexpected adventure filled with excitement and challenges.

Preemie must summon all his courage and skill when a gang of bullies threaten him and his three passengers.

Luckily, the moles and kangaroos from planet NICU teach Preemie some valuable lessons which help him during an intergalactic space chase where Preemie uncovers the most mysterious secrets of all.